Be With Resources

We have developed a line of books, journals and audio downloads to enable youth workers and pastors to be better equipped to mentor teenagers.

  • Be With Factor (Book)
  • Coaches Playbook (Mentors leader guide to 12 sessions of mentoring meetings)
  • Devotional Guide (Mentee/student devotional and meeting guide for 12 sessions)

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The Logo

Use the "Be With Training" Logo when marketing a Be With Training Event to your ministry or other churches. 

Download a logo in .png format
Download a logo in .gif format

Supplemental Resources for Mentors

Following your training event, you will be provided an access code to the following resources:

-Training Event Handout with completed notes
-Tips on asking good questions and list of possible questions
-top ideas for creating “vision moments” and growth experiences
-“R.E.A.D.Y.” self-evaluation (helping to determine if a student is willing, committed and ready to be mentored)
-Links to videos from the training session if available


Resources for Youth Workers

For Point leaders of Youth ministries.

- Ideas and strategies for building a mentoring culture and ministry into your youth ministry.
-Recruiting and Building a Team of Mentors.
-Invitation to be mentored and become a mentor of Youth Pastors through membership in Lead222.               

Additional Events hosted by LEAD222 to establish a mentoring culture in student ministry & families:

-Servant Leadership Experience
: mission trips for student ministries
-"HomeField Training"  Training for Parents to be mentors to their kids


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