The Training

The "Be With Training" is designed for:

  • Volunteers who are currently interested in mentoring teenagers.
  • Paid Youth Workers who are equipping others to mentor students.
  • Student Peer Leaders who are living out 1 Timothy 4:12 and desire to invest in helping others know and follow Jesus.

Having mentors to model for students how a Christ-follower lives their lives is the blueprint for spiritual transformation. Students today need someone they trust - someone to listen to them, to help answer their questions, to encourage and challenge them to be a committed Christ Followers. Students need mentors to teach them skills and spiritual disciplines they need in their lives now to become the difference makers that God has called them to be.

We all agree that mentoring is the most effective way to ensure spiritual transformation is happening in the lives of our students. However, the truth is, very few youth leaders and their ministries are being intentional and strategic on building a mentoring culture.

The "Be With Training" will help you and your team have a clear plan on how to mentor students and reach a generation for Christ. 


8:00    Arrive for light breakfast and coffee. We will start on time!
8:25    Introductions
8:30    Session 1: How does Mentoring play vital role in Spiritual Formation?
9:30    Break
9:40    Session 2: What does effective Mentoring of students look like? Choose Wisely!
10:40  Break
10:50  Session 3: Mentoring with a Cause!
11:50  Wrap Up
12:10  Dismiss

Session Topics

Session 1: How does Mentoring play vital role in Spiritual Formation?

Teaching objective:
In this session you will learn what decisions need to be made in order to move forward with a clear and confident plan for mentoring. You have to decide or you can’t move forward.

  • What are hindrances to students embracing faith for life
  • The Be-With mentoring pattern in the Bible?
  • What does a constellation of mentoring look like and how can we live it out?
  • How can we overcome common challenges and excuses that prevent mentoring?

Session 2: What does effective Mentoring of students look like? Choose Wisely!

Teaching objective: In this session you will learn how to choose the right students to mentor and how to recruit and train the right volunteers to mentor them.

  • How to recruit & Train volunteers that are ready to lead, follow and mentor.
  • How to select and begin a mentoring relationship.
  • How to develop skills and values every effective mentor develops.
  • What boundaries do we need to be vigilant and aware of while mentoring students.

Session 3: Mentoring with a Cause!

Training objective: In this session you will learn how to train your students in both discipleship and outreach that will last for a lifetime

  • Using the High-Five method of mentoring conversations.
  • A Vision and strategy for discipleship and outreach 
  • How to help students impact their campus and community


Training for Parents as Mentors available:

The "Be With Training" event is focused specifically on volunteers and ministries that are developing mentoring values and strategies.

We believe that the most important mentoring opporunity and call begins at home, with Parents intentionally sharing and passing on their faith to their kids. If you are interested in training designed to encourage and equip parents and family ministry opportunities, please consider our "Home Field Training" event. It is designed specifically with Parents in mind! Please contact us if you are interested.


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